Opener Replacement

Garage Door Openers

Whether you are going to install a new Garage door or are upgrading an older one, both tasks are critical and demand expert advice. The most important part for installment of new door is selection of unit out of huge range of designs, decors as well as colours; but out of these entire, one must also make right decision about type of opener for door unit. While installing garage door unit at your house or office, make sure that the opener associated with it is suitable to your requirement. Generally there are four types of openers available in market: jackshaft, belt drive, screw driver and chain drive type. Each one of these has different properties so selection procedures must be executed as per requirement.

While making selection for type of opener for door unit, you have to consider actual weight of device; as most of door units have almost similar weight so openers never find trouble in handling their movements but with huge advancements in designs nowadays you can also find some lightweight designs that may demand your attention for selection of opener while installation as well as replacement. Let us take an example of wooden garage door units that are having wide area and are much heavier, so they demand much stronger motor drive system for their movements; in such cases chain drive type openers can be best suited. Whereas for door units that have moderate size, can be easily handled with belt drive type openers, it will help you to improve reliability and efficiency of door unit.

If you are not able to make decision about right opener for your door unit then it is good to consider following things to make perfect decision:

  • Do you need some additional features in your opener like safety for children?
  • Do you require a quiet opener for attached garage space or it can be managed with little noise also in case of commercial units.
  • Are you resident of a place with adverse weather conditions and extreme temperature variations? In that case screw drive type openers are best option.
  • Is it compulsory to have remote access or you need manual operation?
  • Does your garage space allow installing opener over ceiling or you wish to install openers on walls?  For ceiling with more height, it is good to choose jackshaft type openers.
  • Check your budget as there are variable ranges available in market and you are more likely to get huge discount over online stores.

You might have seen that garage doors move very slowly and might be thinking to install an opener that could move door unit much faster. But actually it is important to understand that they are designed to operate slowly for some safety concerns as if they get closed very fast they will surely harm the person who is parking the car inside or taking it out. The slow operation of openers avoid bouncing movements of door unit, generally chain drive type openers are considered ideal for garage doors due to low cost as well as satisfactory operation.