Garage Door Replacement

My garage door had been giving me troubles from the day I moved into my new neighbourhood. The spooky grinding noises and the cracking of the panels were very inconvenient and to add to it all, one fine morning the garage door stopped functioning completely.

I had hired a lot of garage door repair company services for to repair the garage door. But each technician had a different diagnosis and repair method, but none of them worked. This was a serious issue because the security of my home was at threat.

My online searches continued, checking reviews and short listing popular garage door companies and then I stumbled upon the review of this particular garage door company which was quite impressive.

Without wasting another second I rang up the garage door company, they collected all my details and noted down the troubles that my garage was having. They assured me that they will be sending in a very experienced technician because my garage seemed to be in a very bad condition.

I could really feel the concern and confidence in their conversation with me but I was waiting to see how professional and capable the technician would be. And at the exact time that the company had stated, the garage technician arrived and then he went on to take a look at my garage door.

After checking out the garage door, he said the panels had to be changed, the parts needed to be lubricated and the garage opener also needed some fixing. I felt that with so much of repair required I would be better off buying a new door. But once the repair guy estimated the cost it kind of seemed reasonable and affordable.

But to be on the safer side, I called up my parents and discussed with them about the repair and the cost and they were like – Get it down now! They too felt that this was very reasonable and no other garage door company would provide the service at such a low cost.

So once I approved the cost, he started with his work and on the same day I got my garage door repaired. It was such a big relief! I mean after having to have gone through unsuccessful repairs and waste of money this was a remarkable experience.

And I had to share my story to help out others like me out there, who are searching for a reliable and efficient garage door service.